What Do These Words Mean? A Helpful Glossary

Joe Casey: SEPTA’s General Manager.

Michael Nutter: The mayor of Philadelphia.

SEPTA: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority, serves the City and County of Philadelphia as well as Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery Counties.

Regional Rail: Commuter train services, to largely suburban areas around Philadelphia. There are 13 different lines.

Trailpass: Like a TransPass, but for use on SEPTA’s Regional Rail lines. Similarly marked with “M” or “F” stickers.

TransPass: A weekly or monthly unlimited ride fare pass that can be used on SEPTA buses, trolleys, subways, and the high speed line that goes to Norristown. Currently, these passed are marked with a sticker that indicates either “F” or “M” for the passenger’s gender as a system for eliminating fraudulent sharing of passes. This requires that drivers of SEPTA vehicles check every passenger who boards against the neon “M” or “F” on their pass and quickly decide if that sticker seems correct as a method of deciding if a customer is, in fact, a thief.