Become a RAGE member

To become a RAGE member, just fill out our membership form, pay us $2.50 (secure, online, through PayPal) to cover the cost of materials, and we’ll send you a membership kit. For those of us within the region served by SEPTA, we’ll give you a button to show that you “Ride with Respect,” a membership card, information to spread the word about RAGE, and tips for riding safely and supporting other riders.

Fill out the membership form

Until SEPTA does the right thing and stops asking every rider about their gender, public transportation will be a dangerous and unwelcoming place for gender-non-conforming riders. But we can fight back. One way to fight back is to commit to “Ride with Respect.” That means reporting incidents of gender-based harassment on SEPTA, and stopping them whenever you can. RAGE members pledge to watch out for their fellow riders and stand up against a policy that makes public transportation just for some Philadelphians.

Note: If you live outside of SEPTA’s area, we’ll send you electronic versions of our membership materials, including some Facebook flair so you too can show your support.