Get on the Bus: Join RAGE to Ride with Respect

RAGE's "Ride with Respect" bus

Our giant Ride with Respect bus crafted at Spiral Q Puppets is still at the shop but will soon roll out to an event near you

OPERATION RIDE WITH RESPECT is a bold membership campaign to get 3,000 SEPTA riders to pledge their support to end the M/F gender sticker policy, to watch out for the safety of other riders on SEPTA and report any incidents that occur because of the M/F gender stickers.

Operation Ride with Respect is led by Philly RAGE, an all-volunteer organization led by people impacted by transphobia and gender-based discrimination.  We believe that all riders have the right to respect, dignity and safety.  Our objectives are to:

  • Build a large base of riders who are willing to take action to get SEPTA to change the M/F gender sticker policy.
  • Engage our elected officials in advocating for a change in the gender sticker policy by demonstrating the number of people who care about this issue.
  • Encourage more people to intervene in instances of transphobic or gender-based discrimination or harassment, creating a safer public transit system for all.

The vehicle for our campaign is our new Ride with Respect bus, we will take our bus to our actions against SEPTA officials, to SEPTA board meetings, to visit elected officials, and to events and public spaces where we want to meet new members.  The Ride with Respect bus is a symbol of what we want for all SEPTA riders, a public transportation system, free of gender stickers, that is safe for all riders and treats people with the respect they deserve.

In the coming months, the Ride with Respect Bus will be taking us the following places:

  • Campaign Launch and Action at SEPTA offices
  • Community workshop on How to Meet with Your Elected Officials
  • Trans Lobby Day in Harrisburg
  • Action at SEPTA Board Meeting
  • Philadelphia Trans March

And more!

To join Operation Ride with Respect, become a member and look for upcoming events on our website:

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